sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2014

Day 10 - 18/07

Liva Goba with the presentation "ICT and schools - The Organizational Culture Perspective" started the activities of the day. The media revolution, from oral culture to culture ICT, the obstacles to change and how to change the mindset were some of the key words. May the Innovation be with us the teacherus modernus! ;-)

Carmen with "Recent advances in the assessment and intervention in mental health by the use of technology" made us some psychological tests asking if we are afraid of mice, heights, enclosed spaces, spiders and vampires. The use of symbols and metaphors were very interesting and I liked very much the activity with the cards.

Be brave was the message of Inguna.

In the afternoon we had wonderful stories.
Kase Kart with "Educational uses of Digital Storytelling" showed us a lot of tools to tell stories in the classroom. I will use some of them in my French courses.

Ema Kusen and Brigita Klemen presented "Dyslexia: Can M-learning Help?" and the story was written using the vignette to share experiences.

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